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Experienced independent Danish journalist specialized in humanitarian communication.

 Independent journalist

Lene Vendelbo (1978) is a Danish based journalist specialized in humanitarian and social issues. She is a journalist graduate from the Danish School of Media and Journalism in 2003 and has subsequently worked for Red Cross Denmark. Since 2010 working as an independent photojournalist.

Her assignments are primarily for organizations – MSF Denmark, Red Cross, Save the Children, Action Aid Denmark and the Danish Refugee Council.

Lene Vendelbo has great experience documenting the lives of vulnerable people both domestic and abroad reporting from countries such as Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Uganda and Malawi.

Her passion is to go beyond the headlines and explore the lives and the similarities between minorities and majorities across social, ethnic, national and religious barriers. The aim is to create new insights that can lead to a better cohesion.

She often experiences that the fact that she is a woman gives her an access to people who otherwise are prone not to share their experiences.